A personal account of perimenopause & menopause.
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Midlife Mindy
Midlife Mindy finds relief from hot flashes.
"Is it hot in here or is it me?"

My Story and the story of "Midlife Mindy & friends!"
Discovering that I was in perimenopause & finding relief for my symptoms

In your 40s? Out of sorts? Could be hormones! Perimenopause information you can send to a friend

It doesn't simply arrive one day.  By the time you realize you're moving toward menopause, you've likely been in perimenopause for quite some time.  In fact, since menopause has been defined by the medical establishment as that time 12 months after your last period, you really aren't "in menopause" for any time at all.  You are in perimenopause right up to the time you hit menopause.  Then, you are postmenopausal.

A story of perimenopause - hot flashes, memory loss, night sweats, vaginal dryness, loss of libido and more.

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I worked with women, as I approached my 50's, who were somewhat older than I.  And I asked them questions about menopause, since my GYN doctor had effectively rebuffed me when I mentioned my changing periods.  The suggestions ranged from "ignore it, it's no big deal", "just take a little primrose oil", "have a soy shake for breakfast", "you'll know a hot flash when you have one", to "hot flashes aren't so bad".  I'm a talker -- no one wanted to talk with me about this.

Well, I did learn a little from them, but didn't know it at the time.  I have a soy shake everyday on the way to exercise and I have a serving of Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) every morning, which includes the omega-6 oil found in borage & primrose oil.   However, I couldn't "ignore it", "it" turned out to be (for me) a very big deal!  And I didn't know a hot flash when I first had one because mine (as with many women) began at night.  I was hot, sweaty, frustrated and losing sleep!   I had no clue that it was my hormones!  The daytime hot flashes I eventually had were nothing short of volcanic!  So bad, that my inspiration for "Midlife Mindy & her friends" -- was me!

Soy may help relieve perimenopause symptoms.
"I'll have a soy burger, soy fries & a soy shake!"

Hot flash relief.
"Who turned up the heat?"

Mindy, pouring a pitcher of ice down her blouse, isn't an exaggeration when you're in the throws of very bad hot flashes or even night sweats.  And that's me, ripping my blouse open for a little relief before mopping my brow in preparation of meeting my next client.

Pro Gesticon


I found relief when I discovered emerita's Pro Gest progesterone cream and then Remifemin.  Together, they kept my hot flashes in check and settled my jangled nerves -- at least, for awhile.


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