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  50th & 60th Birthdays  Party store for 40th & 50th milestone birthdays! Theme parties, ideas, supplies, gifts & t-shirts: over the hill, aging, humorous, gag, jokes, quotes, wisecracks, personalized, nostalgia, congratulations, unique, funny, psychedelic hippie stuff, custom, luxury, sports....
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Middle finger salute to your 40th birthday. Flip the bird on a t-shirt, mug or other gift item.

bullet t-shirts - short / long sleeve
bullet t-shirts - dark / white / colors
bullet baseball jersey & cap
bullet golf shirt - polo
bullet hoodies
bullet mugs
bullet teddy bear
bullet apron / totes
bullet stickers
bullet & much more!

In dog years I'm dead, 40th birthday or 50th birthday t-shirt, hat, mug or other gift ideas.

50, damn I look good t-shirt or mug for a 50th birthday party gift.

Birthday slogan for t-shirts, caps & mugs is a fun birthday gift idea. "I'm not aging, I'm increasing in value!"

  In dog years I'm dead t-shirt 50th birthday, damn t-shirt I'm not aging tshirts & gifts


40th birthday t-shirt humor | 40th birthday sayings & quotes | 40th birthday gift ideas | funny 40th birthday t-shirts
50th birthday t-shirt humor | 50th birthday sayings & quotes | 50th birthday gift ideas | funny 50th birthday t-shirts
60th birthday t-shirt humor | 60th birthday sayings & quotes | 60th birthday gift ideas | funny 60th birthday t-shirts

  humorous 40th, 50th, 60th & 70th birthday sayings on t-shirts, hats, mugs & more

Sexy t-shirt for guy or gal - 40 and hot! I'm 39 -- make a statement about age with this funny t-shirt quote. 40th birthday t-shirt or 50th birthday mug proclaims - I won't go quietly! Fun birthday gift idea.
chronologically gifted t-shirt I'm 39, that's my story &
I'm stickin' to it! t-shirt
I won't go quietly - t-shirt
Women in their 40s often experiencie peri menopause symptoms. I'm 50 & I feel great - Feel for yourself! Funny slogan on t-shirt, sweatshirt, babydoll or mousepad.
Caution, Senior Moment in
progress - t-shirt
Is it hot in here or is it me?
Hotflash humor!
I'm 50 & I feel great,
feel for yourself!



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