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Articles~ On The Other Side of Young
Woke Up 54 Today
Survey Results -- Boomers!

On The Other Side of Young ~

Baby Boomer couple in hammock.Ready or not, here it comes and you might as well get ready for it.  There are countless odd quotes and slogans about this phenomenon and they used to irk me to no end.  But now, I laugh and consider my good fortune.  Life is good for me.  I have my love by my side and he thinks I'm beautiful.  I'm doing what I can to keep things from getting totally out of control and I take pleasure in knowing that things could be worse.  Those "you know you're old when ..." jokes passed around the Internet, of aging people with their protruding bellies, failing memory, and so much more -- I now find funny.  I laugh that I can relate to some and have escaped others; and I sigh with relief that I haven't lost my sense of humor. 

How, on God's green earth, did I get here?  I'm minding my own business, behaving responsibly and moving through life, when all of a sudden C-boom! I find myself here on the other side of young.

Oh, I saw signs along the way, but the gradual changes ceased and the massive remake happened in what seemed like "overnight".  The thickening middle, the tweezers to the chin, the skin dryer - and coarser.  The hair a bit thinner.  I ached when I stepped out of bed and creaked for several steps before my joints lubricated.  But, I've modified my diet and lifestyle to correct most of this and made adjustments to live with the rest.  It's a never ending challenge now, I can see, where once I never gave it a passing thought.

If you are to the point where you can laugh at where you find yourself, then follow this link  to some fun stories and (sorry to say) pitiful projections.  If you're not quite there, cut yourself some slack and check back later.   

got feet

Got tired achy feet?  
You used to wonder ~
why so many old people went to foot doctors
how podiatrists got so rich
what a podiatrist was
Now you wonder ~
when you can get off your aching feet
why your favorite shoes feel so bad
what that bump is on the side of your foot
why your heel hurts
why you keep getting that same corn
why your toe nails look so grungy
why your back has started hurting
why you're tired all the time



" We compensate by holding printed materials farther and farther away....."

As the lenses in our eyes begin to lose some of the elasticity needed to focus on near objects, our close-up vision deteriorates.  Around the age of 40 we begin to find ourselves straining to read.  We compensate by holding printed materials farther and farther away, which helps to bring them into focus. This is a sign of a natural eye condition that everyone faces sooner or later.

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Survey Results ~ Older Boomers  vs  Younger Boomers!

A Nationwide survey of more than 1,000 baby boomers
conducted online January 2002, by VariluxŌ progressive lenses, asked boomers about boomer culture, attitudes, ideals and concerns. They split the boomers into two categories: younger (37-46) and older (47-55).

Who Needs Style?
Half of boomers aren’t spending any time worrying about the latest trends. When asked how important it is to be "in-style," 47 percent of younger boomers and 52 percent of older boomers said "not at all."

No Slowing Down
There’s no drop in the daily exercise routine for older boomers. In fact, they actually exercise more than their younger counterparts. Fifteen percent of older boomers said they exercise 4-5 times a week, just a shade higher than younger boomers (14%). Twenty-three percent of older boomers squeeze in a workout 1-2 times a week, compared to 20 percent for younger boomers.

One Thing We Can All Agree On
When asked which current boomer figures were the best role models for the boomer generation, the top three were the same for both older and younger boomers— President George W. Bush, Tom Hanks and Rudi Giuliani topped the lists.

Closed for Business?
The sexual fire stops burning for some once they reach older boomer status. Fourteen percent of younger boomers said they rarely or never have sex. That number jumps to 21 percent for older boomers.

Optimism Fades
Optimism has faded more among older boomers than younger boomers since the events of September 11. A third of older boomers (33%) say they are less optimistic since the events of last year. Less than a quarter (24%) of younger boomers said the same.

The Eyes Don’t Have It
Not surprisingly, older boomers are facing more struggles with their vision. Some areas that boomers said have been impacted by changes in vision due to age are:          Older Boomers Younger Boomers   Reading 56% 44%

Using a Computer 31% 20%   Driving 25% 20%


Woke Up 54 Today~
I woke up 54 today. Was it the first thing on my mind or the second?  I was thinking also of the tragedy in New York; reminded, surely, by last night's musical tribute.  I'd noticed the ages of the artists I've grown up with: the amazing artistry of Neil Young, Billy Joel, Paul Simon, the adorable Goldie Hawn, and the indomitable Willy Nelson.  I pondered, last night, how it makes no difference; whether you're 50 or 20, whether you are beautiful or you're not.

I listened to the breathing of my love beside me and thought how solid my life is with him in it.  I moved against him and breathed in his scent. He stirred and I let him go.  A dog barked - I thought of my neighbors.  A breeze blew in the window - it's going to be a warm summer's day, on the eve of autumn.  My daughter will call, Dad will be by with flowers and love, my family will be thinking of me and I of them.  All will be well.

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