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FDA approves Androgen for low testosterone
Help for Nose & Ear Hair
Hair Loss
"To Women Everywhere"

Home Test Kit

MaleCheck monitors testosterone and DHEA. Levels of these two hormones can affect bone and muscle tissue, energy levels, and sex drive.
Hormone analysis $59.95
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It is estimated that low testosterone affects about one in 10 men between the ages of 40 and 60 and more than two in 10 men over the age of 60. Low testosterone is linked with conditions such as diminished interest in sex, osteoporosis, reduced lean body mass, depressed mood and fatigue.  Low testosterone is not a common cause of sexual dysfunction. 


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Recommended For Ages 30-49
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Never thought about having nose and ear hair to deal with, did you?  Hair sprouting from every orifice & rimming the edges of your ears.  It's a nuisance, it's unsightly, and it needs to be dealt with. New  Turbo-Groomer 2.0 ™ is the complete facial grooming solution.

     blotch.gif (938 bytes) Two cutting heads: rotary and clipper.
   blotch.gif (938 bytes) Rotary blades trim nose hair at 6,000 rpm.
   blotch.gif (938 bytes) Clipper blades trim hair on ears. 
   blotch.gif (938 bytes) Trim area illuminated by small LED.
Turbo-Groomer 2.0


Humorous midlife
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"Time for my midlife crisis!"


hair_loss.gif (636 bytes) green_square_sm.gif (810 bytes) Pro-Genenesis - a magic bullet against hair loss


Saw palmetto is a product that may help.   It functions to block the accumulation of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) in the scalp and functions in much the same way as the prescription drug Propecia® (finasteride), which is a prescription hair growth product. Although there is no specific optimal dose for hair loss, primarily due to a lack of comprehensive clinical trials, it has been reasoned by doctors working with hair loss individuals that a twice daily dose for 2 or 3 months, and then decreasing to once per day, is likely to be a satisfactory treatment.   The medical profession views saw palmetto as a safe herb; and believe its pharmacological properties indicate it could regrow hair, but as of yet, there is not scientific evidence that it does. 

test for 50 or better!  Just do it!
Prostate Cancer - Men aged 50 years and older should undergo annual prostate screening exams. This cancer has an excellent cure rate when found early -- and typically, early stage prostate cancer can only be detected by a screening blood test known as PSA (prostate specific antigen).

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