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  50th & 60th Birthdays  Party store for 40th & 50th milestone birthdays! Theme parties, ideas, supplies, gifts & t-shirts: over the hill, aging, humorous, gag, jokes, quotes, wisecracks, personalized, nostalgia, congratulations, unique, funny, psychedelic hippie stuff, custom, luxury, sports....
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  T-shirt Shop  Humorous baby boomer t-shirts.  Funny, sexy, a even a little offensive for those 40th and 50th milestone birthday party gifts.
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  Women  Women's most important mid-life health issues & Midlife Mindy & friends.  Menopause, perimenopause, symptoms, natural relief and so much more.
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Welcome to,

We bring you information we wish we'd had.  All in one place!  The changes we experience as we move through our 40's, and into our 50's, can be a challenge. Time, we learn, is not limitless.  Here, you'll find information, services, and products to simplify your boomer life. 

BoomerTalk ~ blog
We're at a special place in our lives and it feels good to talk with others who are there too.  Boomer Talk blog provides boomer community and conversation about things we are most concerned about, wonder about, want to talk or rant about.

Products ~ best products/best prices
The products we present are selected to either solve problems or further your lifestyle.  Selected with both quality and price in mind, we always choose the product first - then look for great prices.  In the case of vitamins, herbs & supplements this routinely means discounts of 40%  or more!   Driving around shopping for these selections makes no sense with the values we bring you.  Life is short, you have enough on your plate.  Even with shipping & handling these prices are hard to beat! 

Time to splurge
It's time to splurge if we can afford to.  We've been putting everyone else's needs ahead of our own for quite some time.  It's time to indulge ourselves for a change.  Luxury items, extravagant services, and interesting adventures will be showcased throughout the site.

Shopping ~ get in/get out
Shopping is organized so you can "get in and get out".  Clever gifts for Boomers turning 50 or 60, usually a challenge, are in our C-boom Shop.  Just choose what works for you and get on with what ever is next on your agenda.

Concise information plus resources
We bring you concise information about the topics central to our boomer lives; to help you figure out what you need to learn more about.  Then, we put the resources in front of you for in-depth knowledge -- our book section is specially selected to help you find answers quickly.

Margy Guyer
Founder/Managing Editor

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