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crystal ball  You may be surprised to learn that all calendar systems operating in the world today are based on Astrology. The 12  houses in Astrology represent the 12 months and the 7 planets represent the 7 days in a week. 

          In the Chinese Zodiac, 2003 is the year of the sheep/ram.         y  2003 is the Chinese Year of the Ram (or Sheep)

Horoscopes? Tea Leaves? Palm Readings?


Horoscopes?   Tea leaves?  Palm readings?  To some, it's purely entertainment, while to others it's a belief system.  The sites assembled here are sure to be enjoyed on either count and judged unique among the sites available today.  


How old are you really?


Who were you in your past life?


What's your sign?


Numerology from

Life-Answers provides detailed numerology reports and forecasts about you and people in your life. Most reports are priced under $15 and go beyond what astrology can tell you.  Get started with a FREE Day of Birth report Free Daily Horoscopes  (they'll even email it to you every day).  Or you can opt for Career Guidance , or one of the many other choices, or even give a gift of a report to someone special.  Celebrity profiles and lots of choices! 


AstroHotline!! offers personalized unique horoscopes, based on your specific time and place of birth, for FREE on their website and via a FREE daily and weekly email.  They also offer in depth  Personalized Astrological Reports for purchase through their AstroStore.  They have a ton of different reports you can purchase, but this one is a great place to start -- Evaluate Your Lover with a Compatibility Report!   Or,  Ask our astrologer your very own question!  they suggest.  



 Foretelling the Future, Learn the Tarot with Paula Roberts ~ Video
Paula Roberts, known as "The English Psychic", has an extensive international clientele for her psychic readings. Over the years she has become known for her accuracy both in personal and world predictions.  This colorful and highly informative 55 minute video will guide you through all the stages needed to learn more about the Tarot cards.


Music of the Tarot

World style at eZiba



 Julie Hasler's Fantasy Cross Stitch Book
Osho Zen Tarot - Music CD
Celestial subjects and mythological figures abound, from the signs of the zodiac, to unicorns and mermaids, to wizards and warriors.  Drawing on the realms of lore, legend, and magic, this is a stunning gallery of intricate designs.   A refreshing departure from the usual themes.


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