What are home hormone screens & what will they do for me?
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Are they safe and reliable?
As a consumer, you want to see the data that supports this being a good brand.    Consumers are very sophisticated and want as much information as possible to make an informed decision.  Amid sweeping changes in U.S. health care, the trend toward cost-effective self-care products used in the home emphasizes prevention and early intervention. Even the best screening tests are occasionally wrong. No tests, whether performed at the lab or in the home, are perfect.

Why should you test your hormones?

Blood measures the total level, including the bound and inactive fractions. It is the unbound or "free" amount of hormone that the cells of the body are exposed to, making saliva testing a good way to measure hormones.

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It is well documented that salivary levels of hormone reflect the free fraction of plasma hormone and range from between 1% and 10% of blood levels. Saliva hormones remain stable for at least three weeks at room temperature without a preservative.


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OsteoCheck is a urine screen that measures deoxypyridinium, a compound linked to bone breakdown.  Increased levels of deoxypyridinium indicate the loss of both organic and inorganic phases of bone.

A simple analogy illustrates the difference: A bone denisity scan reveals how much bone you have in your "bone bank".  OsteoCheck will reveal your "rate of withdrawal"


Too few doctors order hormone tests for their female patients ~
       it may have something to do with managed care and keeping costs down
•  measures levels of Estradiol, Progesterone, and Testosterone
Balance must be maintained to assure:
a comfortable perimenopause & menopause
skin elasticity
healthy physical & emotional responses
healthy sleep patterns
lean body mass
healthy bone & muscle development
healthy sexual function & activity

$59.95 home hormone test

Estradiol, Progesterone and Testosterone levels exert  a strong influence over women's health.
Female Check by BodyBalance enables you to read your results and compare them to the general population. You can then work with your healthcare provider to develop an appropriate program to maintain and promote your well being.

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