Gag gifts & pranks for 40th or 50th birthdays and Over The Hill birthday & retirement parties.
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Outrageous Gift Wraps
Spice up those boring old birthday and Christmas presents with OUTRAGEOUS gift wraps and gift bags. Great for those annoying office parties. $4.99

Naughty door hangers
Place these naughty door hangers on your bedroom, bathroom or co-workers office door.


Fake Lottery Tickets

Embarrassing Prank Envelopes

Rude Fake Parking Tickets

Fake Winning Lottery Tickets
These fake winning lottery tickets look just like the real thing and reveal a big winner every
time! the back of the ticket!  5 for $3.89
Rude version - 4 for $4.49
Embarrassing Prank Envelopes
Hilarious Prank Envelopes! Send one to someone's office!! From (fake) companies such as "Viagra Users Anonymous!"  Big, bright and totally outrageous.
 3 for $4.29
Rude Fake Parking Tickets
Slap one of these hilarious fake parking tickets on someone's windshield and you're sure to get a reaction! They look just like real parking tickets, but they only insult the driver!
  3 for $2.89


Gag Award Certificates

Embarrassing Magnetic Bumper Signs

The B.S. Detector

Gag Award Certificates
These make great anonymous gifts; just leave one on the victim's desk or drop it in the mail
.  "Bastard Boss of the Year", "Bitch of the Year" and other esteemed awards!  $2.89 each
Embarrassing Magnetic Bumper Signs
Hate those jerks who take up 2 parking spots at the mall? Slap one of these offensive MAGNETIC bumper signs on their car and they won't even notice until they're home!
$3.89 each
The B.S. Detector
Use on friends and co-workers who are full of bull!  Press the small remote and the B.S. Detector lets out one of many hilarious sayings like "What a load of Bull"


Remote Control Fart Machine

Motion Activated Fart Alarm

Talking T.P   Talking T.P. - Record your own messages, over and over!

Remote Control Fart Machine
Place under your co-workers desk, and when someone's in their office, press the remote and an embarrassing fart sound plays!  5 Realistic Fart Sounds. As Advertised on The Howard Sterns Show. $19.89
Motion Activated Fart Alarm
Looks like a Smoke Alarm and is sure to create a totally embarrassing situation for your victim.  When your victim walks near it the hilarious fart alarm goes off. $19.89
Talking T.P.
Pull the paper and they hear your message.  Record over and over -- for example: "Would you like a receipt for your deposit?"  Fits all toilet paper holders. $19.89


Looks like a ball has smashed through glass. Several types available.

Assortment of Funny Golf Gags

Huge Underwear For Men & Women Size 98-100 ladies humongous bright red undies with lace trim!

Smashed Window Gags
Looks just like someone hit a ball into glass!  Realistic shatter marks and genuine sports ball adhere to any clean glass surface.
Tennis ball, mini soccer ball, hockey puck & golf ball. $14.89
Assorted Funny Golf Gags
The exploder, The Smasher, The Floater, Jet Streamer, The Unputtaball, The Wobbler and Pop-A-Putt.
$4.89 to $9.89
Combo pack (of 5) $24.95
Huge Underwear For Men & Women
World's largest men's white cotton briefs or bright red Big Momma Undies trimmed with black lace. Fun just to hang on the clothes line to see your neighbors reaction!
  $19.89 each



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