Over the Hill ~ One of our most popular theme birthday parties!  For old buzzards, old biddys & old fogeys.
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Over The Hill Retro Candy Gift Basket

Vulture - hanging around until your over the hill party begins.


Over the Hill Vulture
Hanging around waiting 'til the "party's over". 17" honeycomb vulture.

RIP Tombstones
Your guest of honor will just "die"! Tombstones are styrofoam printed on one side. 16" x 24" -- set/3.


Grim Reaper Door Grabber
This grim reaper covers your
entire door! The 65" high x
33 1/2" wide vinyl decal sticks to most smooth surfaces and can be removed easily.
Over the Hill Tombstone
This 26 ˝" plastic tombstone can be personalized with a marker.
Floating Grim Reaper
Comes to take your Over the Hill guest of honor away. Measuring 65" with metallic head and fringe body.
Grim Reaper Costumes
Includes: Robe and fabric mask. Costume size is Standard. One Size Fits Most.


Old Lady Wigs
White, Black or Grey hair tied back into a bun.
Old Man Bald Headed Wig
Frizzy synthetic fibre on a rubber scalp. Grey only. One size fits all.
Old Hag Mask w/Kerchief
Discretion is the better part of valor.  For friends with a good sense of humor!

Round Granny Glasses
Round empty metal frames.

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