Cool birthday party stuff! Birthday cake hat, musical cake plate, balloon drops, party toilet paper & more!
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Happy Birthday Cake Hat

Singing Birthday Plate

Talking TP  Talking T.P. - Record your own messages, over and over!
Talking Toilet Paper

Blow Out the Candles!  This beautiful velvet birthday cake hat is always a huge success, with everyone wanting to try it on.  Celebrate in style!  $6

Pedestal cake plate sings “Happy Birthday” when its switch is activated.  Multi-colored lights around the rim twinkle in time with the music. $29.95 When the paper is pulled, a message plays.  Record your own, like "Would you like a receipt for your deposit?"  A must for your party!  $19.89


Balloon Drop

Birthday Party Canopy

Balloon Toilet Paper

Each balloon bag comes with 100 6" colorful balloons. Pull the cord to add excitement to your party. $12 Birthday Party Canopy Happy Birthday!  Easy to hang, pre-assembled canopy is great to accent the cake or gift table.  $12 per kit. Balloons For Every Room! Bring a smile to your guests face no matter where they are in the house. $4


Colorful Derbies

Virtual Message Sky Writer

Disposable Party Cameras

Make Your Own Sign

Have a Colorful Birthday! It says "Happy Birthday" all around on our colorful derbies. Bands come seperately. $22.50 for 24 pack Comes with ten preset messages (Cool, Taxi, Help, Bravo, Love You, Let's Party and Happy Birthday) or program 3 of your own.$19.95 3 pack of cameras is great for placing on your tables and picking up when the party's over. 24 to 27 pictures each w/fresh 400 speed film and automatic flash. $21.50 Its a Sign of the Times!
Make your own party Banner by spelling out the name or slogan you want for your party. $7.50 each


Birthday Party Centerpiece

Champagne Centerpiece

Jukebox Balloon Centerpiece

Sports Theme Centerpieces
Make Your Own Centerpiece! Our easy to assemble 18" mylar balloon centerpiece, does not need helium. Pick this one for your birthday celebration. $9.50 Make Your Own Champagne Centerpiece! Our easy to assemble 18" mylar balloon centerpiece does not need helium. $9.50 Jukebox Balloon Centerpiece is easy to assemble. 18" mylar balloon centerpiece suits your rock and roll theme. Does not need helium.  $9.50 Sports Balloon Centerpiece is easy to assemble. 18" mylar balloon centerpiece does not need helium. Football, baseball, soccer & basketball. $9.50


Laser Light Coaster

Rock 'N Roll CD

White Guest Book

Laser Light Coasters light up your table! Put a glass on top and watch the lights change. Pick up your glass and the lights go out. Comes with
2 AA batteries.  $3.50
Dance To The Music! Have a great dance party with just one CD. This disc contains the greatest dance songs from our youth. $12.95 White Guest Book Sign In Please! Our Ivory Floral Romance guest book has a beautiful embossed padded cover. It comes with its own gift box. $9.50


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