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Fabulous 50's Costumes  Specializing in 50's style adult costumes. A full line of pink ladies costumes, poodle skirts, greasers clothing, jitterbug, bobby soxer  & more fabulous fifties costumes.


50's Classic Candy Sampler - old fashioned sampler or decade collection
50's Classic Candies Sampler

Holiday candy cane retro
candy basket

party supplies for the best prices! 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th birthday party supplies.
Party Supplies - Best Prices!

your favorite 50's icons
Your favorite 50's icons


Inflatable Jukebox

Rock ' N Roll Decorating Kit

Rock ' N Roll Party Kit

Inflatable Guitars
Colorful inflatable jukebox will make a great decoration for your Rock & Roll party. Jukebox is 48"x 30". $12.00 Have a great 50's night and remember those Oldies but Goodies. Record banner, plastic records and 36" jukebox.  $14.95 Its Only Rock and Roll!  Accent this decade with a rock 'n roll kit. Guitars, glasses, necklaces & fedoras. $38.95 Buy inflatable colored guitars by the dozen for $10.80 or buy a single black & white 60" guitar for $3.00 Also, gold, silver & animal prints!


Rock ' N Roll Cutouts

Comic Book Favorites

Musical Note Lights

Black & White Guitars
Add these 16" cutouts to your Rock&Roll Decorations and remember the scenes of the 50's. 4 for $3.25 Great assortment of comic books to put on the table at a 50's party or high school reunion. 40 for $29.95 It's Only Rock and Roll!
Light up your party when you decorate with our 14' Music Note Lights.
A Best Seller!  Guitars are a great addition to your oldies set. Let your guests pretend they are Elvis. 12 for $10.80


rock and roll plates
Rock 'N Roll Plates
rock and roll napkins
Rock 'N Roll Napkins
rock and roll cups
Rock 'N Roll Cups
rock and roll tablecloth
Rock 'N Roll Tablecloth

Old time rock 'n roll  9" Plates.  8 for $4

Oldies But Goodies  Luncheon Napkins. 16 for $3 Rock 'N Roll Cups 9oz Cups.  8 for $2.65 Old time rock 'n roll table cover.  54" x 102" $4.75


Jitterbug Hat

Piano Man Hat

Rock 'N Roll CD

Elvis Presley, Beach Boys, Ricky Nelson & more! The Golden Oldies Record Shop is filled with officially released, professionally framed & matted gold, silver and platinum plated LP's & 45's

Elvis Presley, Beach Boys, Ricky Nelson & more!
Filled with officially released, professionally framed & matted gold, silver, and platinum plated LP's & 45's.
Remember rock 'n roll and 45 records and party on with this rock 'n roll hat. $3.50 Play a song Mr. Piano Man! Great hat for any rock 'n role decade. $3 Dance To The Music!  The greatest dance songs from our youth. Let's Twist Again & many more! $12.95


poodle skirts for adults, poodle skirts for children, complete outfits or ala carte, plus saddle shoes & accessories school letter sweaters and great assortment of chenille emblems


retro t-shirts from $9.95
by a packaged box of 50s party supplies or buy ala carte


Fun bowling balls & g-r-e-a-t prices for Brunswick Viz-A-Balls and Ebonite Optyx balls
G-r-e-a-t prices
Brunswick Viz-A-Ball
Ebonite Optyx balls
the coolest retro bowling shirts on the net
retro bowling shirts

rental style bowling shoes


Fabulous 50's Costumes

Pink Behive Wig

50's Doo Wop Wig

Jackie "O" 1950's Wig
Assorted 50's outfits! poodle skirts, jitterbug, car hop, bobby soxer, greaser.... Some XL sizes. $25 to $140
Adult & child costumes
Back to the 50's! What a great style to wear with your 50's costume. $22.50 Short puffy hair with bangs. Comes in black, blonde or red. One size fits all. A great 50's girl, car hop, pink lady, or doo-wop wig. $39.99 Shoulder length hair with detachable headband. Black, blonde, brown or natural red. $24.99


Elvis Glasses

Rock Star Wig

Elvis Wig
Take an inflatable guitar, don a pair of Elvis glasses and have a great party.  12 for $31 A thick men's hair cut with front curl. Black only. One size fits all. A great greaser or 50's rock star character wig. $29.95 Elvis is in the Building! Pompadour style Elvis wig. Costume quality.$22.50


 Song lyrics, sheet music, guitar picks.... Patriotic music, Show Tunes, songbooks for most any artist or instrument!

  Need sheet music or songbooks for Moody Blues, Pink Floyd ....Patriotic or Show Tunes? How 'bout guitar picks and Joan Biaz music to relive our Hootinany days? Just go to Sheet Music Plus. Simple online ordering.


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