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  50th & 60th Birthdays  Party store for 40th & 50th milestone birthdays! Theme parties, ideas, supplies, gifts & t-shirts: over the hill, aging, humorous, gag, jokes, quotes, wisecracks, personalized, nostalgia, congratulations, unique, funny, psychedelic hippie stuff, custom, luxury, sports....
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  T-shirt Shop  Humorous baby boomer t-shirts.  Funny, sexy, a even a little offensive for those 40th and 50th milestone birthday party gifts.
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  Women  Women's most important mid-life health issues & Midlife Mindy & friends.  Menopause, perimenopause, symptoms, natural relief and so much more.
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Cool boomers aren't hung up on aging, they're too busy having fun!
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Biker gear & gifts

"Baby boomers, 76 million strong ....feeling young & looking good."

"I should have been born in New York."  John Lennon, Rolling Stone interview, 1971
┬ęBob Gruen

" I should have been born in New York."  John Lennon, Rolling Stone interview, 1971

Everything you need to throw a "Big-0" birthday party! 40th & 50th milestone birthdays call for celebration!  We have themes, supplies, gifts & more.
50th & 60th milestone birthday party themes, discount party supplies, gift ideas...

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Blog on over to talk with other baby boomers about life and humor in aging. Bloggers!  Join our conversation at Boomer Talk

Boomer Angst !!!  A weekly column written by Paul Briand about moving through middle age.      by Paul Briand                               
Boomer Angst is a weekly look at the fun, fears, and flab fighting foibles of middle age.

    Teri's Serendipity! Writings by a Baby Boomer -- for Baby Boomers. A fresh look at the world as we know it!

 Baby Boomers
will appreciate
Teri's writings & reflections,
 "where Baby Boomers Make Peace with Their World".


Sculpted leather collar with turquoise stone - wearable art/jewelry.

Side view of sculpted leather collar with turquoise stone - wearable art/jewelry.

Sculpted leather masks and crowns for Rennaisance Faires, Theater productions, Carnival, Mardi Gras, wall art, and more.

  • accoutrement

  • Unusual art

  • Renaissance Faire

  • Masquerade Ball

  • Theatre

  • Carnival

collar w/turquoise stone

Sculpted Leather Masks, Crowns & Collars

Fantasy Horse Art


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Baby Boomers -- 76 million strong, born between 1946 and 1964, and turning 50 and 60 at a rapid rate!   Feeling young and looking good, boomers are poised to enjoy the best of times moving into their middle years.  Challenges?  Oh, yes!  Boomers' metabolisms are changing and the results can be startling. "So much to learn - so little time!", as we confront new health challenges and take stock of life.  Time to recognize our good fortune, acknowledge that it's not just "all about the kids" anymore, and indulge ourselves for a change!  So grab your partner and take advantage of this time of your life!

"As infinite as the Internet is, it's getting hard to find good interesting sites. Thanks C-boom!" 
- Lisa/TX

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